As befits the state of Qatar, which has a proud focus on education standards and developing a knowledge-based society, the International Centre for Music has a distinct cosmopolitan credo. Our teachers of the highest calibre join us from across the world united by their love for music, ballet and the fine arts.


  • Managing Director: Marwan Al Werr

  • Executive Assistant: Rexcy Herrera

  • Sales Manager: Hani Abboudi

The Principal: Olga Al Werr

Olga has been principal of the International Music Centre in Doha since 2006, taking over with an avowed aim to build on the vision and success of its founder.
She graduated with distinction from the world-acclaimed Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music (Kiev Conservatory) where she subsequently worked as a professional accompanist with renowned vocal tutors.
She has since gained considerable experience in the Middle East, including four years in Jordan, where she earned the trust and recognition from students and parents alike, as well as members of the ruling family, while teaching and staging a series of classical concerts.
In Doha she has continued to be a munificent mentor with a passion and commitment to excellence that learning music at the highest level demands.


Dance & Art Instructress

Evgeniya Goncharova  

Evgeniya Goncharova is a highly experienced teacher and mentor of students in fine arts, dance (classical ballet, jazz and contemporary) and choreography.
At the Chelyabinsk Academy of Culture and Art in Russia, she graduated from the dance and choreography faculty. Evgeniya was an active performer in the Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre. She also became a top-class fitness instructor.
Many of her students from the Middle East have continued their performing arts education at European institutions, including the Royal Academy of Dance in London, as well as specialist colleges in the Netherlands and Spain. She has conducted art lessons at Choueifat-Sabis Doha and has also prepared students for A-level examinations. She has been a valued member of the International Centre for Music team since 2006.

Piano Instructors

Vlada Protopopova:

Vlada is an accomplished classical pianist who graduated with distinction from the internationally acclaimed Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music (Kiev Conservatory). She subsequently worked at Kiev Conservatory as a professional accompanist with several instruments.
Having gained considerable experience throughout the Middle East, Vlada moved to Qatar in 2005 to join the International Centre for Music where she continues to teach students at all levels, including DipABRSM and LRSM. She also organises and performs in classical concerts and has established close ties with members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) is the internationally recognised benchmark for examination excellence.

Natalya Karnaukh

Natalya Graduated from S.S. Prokotjen State Conservatory in Danetsk with a degree in chamber ensemble artiste accompanist teacher. Natalya went on to be a teacher accompanist in the S.S. Prokotjen State Conservatory. Natalya joined the International Center for Music in 2008 as a piano teacher for all ABRSM grades.

Dalia Orabi

Dalia Orabi gained a Ph.D. Music Education, Distinction, with Honours from the eminent Helwan University in Egypt where she subsequently worked as a professor in the performance department (Piano). In 2005 Dalia moved to Qatar and has been teaching the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) curriculum at all levels as a member of the International Centre for Music team.

Oksana Larchenko

Oksana graduated with a first-class Master’s Degree in Solo/Orchestra/Ensemble performing and piano teaching from the renowned Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music in Kiev, Ukraine, under the supervision of Prof. M. Stepanenko (2005-2009).
She has gained extensive experience in performing solo, in an orchestra and as part of an ensemble. Oksana joined the International Centre for Music in 2010 as a piano teacher for all ABRSM grades.



Marija Rakic

Marija is an accomplished international ballet performer, tutor and event coordinator. She studied at the National Ballet school “Lujo Davicho” in Belgrade and received third prize in the prestigious Republic ballet competition in Belgrade. Marija was accepted by the Salzburg International Ballet Academy before attending the Victor Ullate Ballet Academy in Madrid. She also received an invitation from Perm State Ballet College in Russia. She has performed as a soloist at the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia and danced in the “Russian Classical Ballet” company in Moscow (director Evgenia Bespalova) as well as venues in Italy, Spain and Portugal. She was also invited to join the “Moscow Ballet La Classique” under director Elik Melikov. Other international experience includes the organisation of a Gala Concert tour of Mumbai, a ballet workshop in New Delhi for students and dancers from Bollywood, and performances at the National Theatre in Belgrade and the Teatrul de Ballet de Sibiu in Romania. Marija speaks Serbian, English, Russian and Spanish.

Violin Instructor

Iuliia Pavlenko

Graduated from the National Pedagogical University, Kiev, Ukraine, majoring in violin and English language. She is experienced as a violin teacher at the Music School in Kiev and performed in the Ukrainian symphony and chamber orchestras. She is a passionate and devoted teacher focused on developing her mentoring skills and ensuring her students fulfill their music potential. Iuliia joined the International Centre for Music in 2014 as a violin teacher for all levels.

Guitar Instructors

Anatolii Cherchyk

Graduated from Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in Ukraine majoring in Guitar. After graduating he became an ensemble player and teacher in the School of Art, Ukraine. Anatolii joined the International Centre for Music in 2013 as a guitar teacher for all Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) grades.

Pavel Pelikhovskyi

Pavel attended Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts where he graduated as a Master of Music Art (classical guitar). He began his teaching career at the State Music School №27 and Private Music Studio “Talant School” in Kiev as guitar tutor, music theory instructor and leader of the guitar ensemble. He was later appointed head of the guitar studio at T. Shevchenko National University of Kiev. Pavel has participated in the national competition “Gold Antelope”, placing third, and has directed and composed for a musical group called “Rut Kraft”.

Drums and Vocals

Oleksandr Banashko

Oleksandr graduated from the Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy Khmelnytskiy, majoring in Music Teaching of drums, guitar and vocal. He gained professional experience as a singer in the Khmelnytskiy Municipal Chamber Choir and has performed in many countries at various festivals and competitions. In addition, he is frontman for a popular award-winning Ukrainian rock band that performs all over the country. Oleksandr is also an accomplished private teacher specialising in drums, guitar and vocal.






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